Welcome to the BOK!Gornji Grad Apartment!

BOK!Gornji Grad Apartment is located in the heart of Zagreb, in a building that dates from the 1833. Tadija Smičiklas, a Croatian historian, politician and president of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art – HAZU (former JAZU) lived in the building up to his death. He wrote the first “History of the Croats”, which was published in two parts in 1879. and 1882.

Tadija Smičiklas

He was known as a great patriot, scholar and also for his gatherings of the intellectual elite of that time. Those gatherings were held in today’s living room of the BOK!Gornji Grad Apartment.

The idea behind the name of the apartment lies in a typical local greeting Bok – which should not be confused with the greeting Bog. The greeting Bok was created from an old Austrian greeting Mein Bücken (German for my bow). The citizens of Zagreb, merchants and restaurateurs at first, then twisted the greeting to Majn bokn, with men taking their hats during the greeting. Roughly parallel to the shorter version, a new even shorter one had appeared – Bokn (German for bow) from which today’s typical greeting Bok had emerged. Staying in the BOK!Gornji Grad Apartment, you feel the powerful spirit of the past which pervades you upon entering through the main entrance. Ceiling vaults, stone details and decorations adorn the entire building; a courtyard dotted with plants with local birds chirping and singing almost as though they are wishing you a welcome to your sanctuary in Zagreb. If, during the warmer months, you step out on the cute little balcony, you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasant and peaceful shade, sipping a refreshing iced tea along to a tranquil symphony of birds’ singing; or in winter sip a hot cocoa while enjoying a view of the snow-covered garden. We have to mention the next attraction of the BOK!Gornji Grad Apartment – flooring made of solid hardwood and wooden veneer which has been placed under the protection and preservation of the cultural property by the city of Zagreb. In addition, the original tile furnaces from the 19th century are still fully functional, but are not used in order to improve the preservation of the layers of glaze and terracotta panels – the furnaces serve as an excellent complement to the unique flooring. The BOK!Gornji Grad Apartment is owned by the family Kočica, whose long family tree goes back to four generations of Czech glaziers specialized in the handmade art  and craftsmanship of glass. They are well established and respected academic artists whose numerous works can also be seen at the premises of the building, which also houses the Atelier Kočica. The visitors can view and purchase unique works of art. The apartment is decorated with their paintings, photographs and works in glass. The 75 sqm apartment comprises a spacious and bright living room, dining room with kitchen, large bathroom with a big bathtub, separate hallway and two bedrooms – one with a romantic balcony that we mentioned earlier. The BOK!Gornji Grad Apartment welcomes 3 persons.

High quality offer comprises free TV with numerous domestic and international channels, radio, wireless Internet, hair dryer, fully equipped and functional kitchen and a cot. Indoor parking (which is located 100 meters away in a secure public garage) and use of washing machine is separately charged. Pets are welcome guests of this apartment and are staying free of charge. If you thought this all was accentuating the BOK!Gornji Grad Apartment in the sea of accommodations, hold on… There are many of Zagreb’s sights and tourist attractions nearby – St. Mark’s square and church, Lotrščak tower, Strossmayer Promenade, Stone Gate, the Croatian National Theatre, British square, and of course the Ban Josip Jelačić Square, the focal point of the state capital; museums, galleries, boutiques and shops, all listed tourist and cultural attractions are within a five minute walk. Yes, a five-minute comfortable walk. In addition, the main railway and bus stations are only three, i.e. six city tram stations away, which provide a pleasant and prompt arrival at the apartment. If you ask them, Kočica family will tell you the reason why they opened the BOK!Gornji Grad Apartment was because they wanted to share this treasure of Zagreb with the public and thus enhance the existing offer on the city’s tourism level. The apartment is designed for all guests – domestic and foreign; young and mature; small and large; businessmen and romantics… Captivating charm of this place attracts everyone to visit it regularly saying Bok!